PCB Manufacturing

A simple, quickly to learn, free open source CAD software for manufacturing of PCBs is KiCAD:

Externer Link zur KiCAD Webseite

The prototyping PCB of the "Stuttgarter Geigerle was developed using this software. The archive provided for download also contains the Gerber files (.pho) and the drill file that can directly be used to manufacture the PCB. The layout can also be printed to a transparency foil with an inkjet printer. The foil can be used as a mask for exposure of a copper laminated pcb covered with photosensitive lacquer. However the prototyping board contains additional footprints for SMA connectors and resistoors for testing purposes. These are also visible in the KiCAD circuit diagram.

Kicad CAD data archive for the "Stuttgarter Geigerle" prototyping PCB
Kicad CAD data for the "Stuttgarter Geigerle" in through hole assembly
Top and bottom layer as pdf for through hole assembly for the exposure of photoresist-PCB
Complete bill-of-material for the through hole assembly (.xls)


Tino Shield
Arduino Programm for the LiteOn Dispay (external link to library)
Arduino Programm for the Sparkfun Display (library contained in Arduino SW, description here (external link to
Arduino Programm for the YwRobot LCD Display